Focus Moving Forward

Dear Students & Parents – We have three focal points regarding our concert bands as we move into January.

  1. Basketball Band Music & Performances
  2. Solo & Ensemble Music, Recital, and District Festival
  3.  Festival Music – March & April Performances

“Mom & Dad, I don’t have anything to practice right now.” – This is a phrase that you will not hear out of a Sherwood Band student’s mouth.

Practice your proficiencies, Practice your Basketball Music, Practice your Solo & Ensemble music when you have it, Practice Festival Music once Mr. Stai gets it to you in January.

“Know Your Scales” – Mr. Stai Dec. 14th, 2015

Better yet… “Know your Chromatic, Major and Minor Scales” – Mr. Stai Dec. 14th 2015

Next Proficiency Due January 11th.

Basketball Band (aka everyone in band) –  Now that we’ve had the signup sheets on the cabinet for a week and we’ve given people the opportunity to sign up and spread out the instrumentation;  go ahead and fill up sides, corners, nooks and crannies with the remainder of your 6 games if you have not done so already.  Remember that you must attend 6 games. Yes, you are more than welcome to attend more than 6 if you would like to.