SMB: Tree Lighting Parade – Saturday, Dec. 5th

Dear Marching Band Students & Parents, Thank you for the extra effort for all of the football playoff games. Your school & community appreciates it and supports you for it. It’s extra work, but you help make our school culture that much better. We are a part of and contribute to a pretty fantastic culture here in Sherwood. Thank you to all the parents who volunteer and go the extra mile for our students and program.

The Sherwood Tree Lighting Parade is this Saturday. We will be wearing full uniform for the parade. Please wear something warm underneath. Below is the itinerary for the afternoon. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Christmas Tree Lighting Parade – Saturday, December 5th   

1:45pm – Call Time/Put on Uniform
2:30pm – Load Buses & Depart from Sherwood
3:00 – Warmup
3:45 – Lineup
4:00 – Parade Begins
4:30 – Parade Over/Walk back to SHS
5:00 – Turn in Uniform/Cleanup
5:20 – Estimated Time Students will be excused