SMB: Playoff Game Saturday, November 28th

SMB – Playoff Game Saturday, November 28th 

Dear Parents & Students, We have a game this Saturday, Nov. 28th at Noon at Providence Park in downtown Portland. We will be riding two buses over with the cheer team. We will wear our big black jackets and it will be cold, so please bring several layers to wear underneath. Also, please bring a sack lunch to eat on the bus ride over to Providence Park.

I could use help. If one parent volunteer could transport drumline/sousaphone equipment in a truck that would be most excellent. I could also use one person in the stands with me. Itinerary is listed below. Please contact Mr. Stai with any questions.

9:25am – Call Time – We will be wearing our uniform black jackets. Please bring lots of layers to wear underneath. It’s going to be cold!

9:35 – Arcs in Band Room

9:45 – Load Bus

10:10 – Depart SHS

11:00 – Arrive at Providence Park. Warmup in Arcs.

11:40 – Setup in Stands

12:00 – Game Begins

2:30 – Approx. Game Ends. Load Bus. Depart.

4:00pm – Approx. Arrive back at SHS.