Trip Update 2016 – No Overnight Trip Planned – Day Trip Substitution

Dear Band Students & Parents, The reason we have not had a band trip scheduled on our calendar for 2016 is due to scheduling challenges. We are not allowed as staff to take students away from academic courses for more than one day for any class/activity. This created a huge challenge regarding travel. We would spend most of our allotted trip time traveling to and from California, without spending much time there doing anyway.

When planning a potential 2016 trip this out last spring, I entertained the idea of using the 2016 spring break as a trip/calendar solution. However, with the plan of being abroad on a band trip during spring break in 2018, I received parent feedback/concern regarding taking spring break time in both 2016 and 2018.

Both academic calendar & spring break family vacation time concerns make sense to me, however it means we cannot do an overnight trip this year.

My best solution is do a day trip here in Portland sometime this coming spring. We will load up in a bus and go do a bunch of fun activities together as a big happy band family. Date & Cost on this is TBD but cost will be low (ballpark of $60).

Please contact me regarding any questions you might have. Below I’m including the announcement I made last year regarding a four year trip cycle. Currently we are in year 2. The adjustment this year does not make any changes to the current existing plan for future years. Last year’s announcement is posted below in italics/bold. 

4 Year Trip Cycle Announcement

Dear Sherwood Band Parents & Students,

Something that has been in the discussion between myself, our Principal Mr. Bell, and our Band Booster President over the past several months is planning a 4 year trip cycle. This trip cycle will be a reoccurring process and will allow students who are enrolled in band for all 4 years to have a wide variety of musical & educational experiences. Below are the details:

Year 1 – Small Trip. During Spring Conferences: Take a lower cost 2 Night Trip somewhere close in Oregon with Guest Clinicians.

Year 2 – Medium Sized Trip. During Spring Break: Take a 4-5 day trip to Southern California. Experience symphony, Universities, Attractions, and WGI Regional and/or a Music Festival.

Year 3 – Artist in Residence/No Trip. Booster led fundraising effort to bring a very big name composer or guest artist (ex. Frank Ticheli, Eric Whitacre, Pat Sheridan, etc.) for a 2-3 day artist in residence at SHS. Student membership (freshmen, sophomores, juniors as well as current 8th grade band students) will be encouraged to do personal fundraising to save up for Year 4.

Year 4 – Big Trip.  During Spring Break: Take a 5 day trip to somewhere big; New York, Washington DC, Hawaii, etc.  Look for musical, educational, and fun opportunities that come with those regions.