SMB: Southridge Spectacle – Saturday, October 17th @ Hillsboro Stadium

Southridge Spectacle of Sound – Hosted @ Hillsboro Stadium
Saturday, October 17th
  • Students will be fed 2 full meals and one snack. There will also be concessions sold at Hillsboro Stadium.
  • Students need to bring black socks & show shirts and anything else associated with their uniform.
  • Bring weather appropriate clothing to change into when out of uniform.
  • Girls/Guys with long hair need to put their hair up into a bun to fit into shako.
  • Parents: They do charge $15 tickets at the gate to view performance.
  • Important: Students must meet grade expectations in order to perform.
  • Important: Students must have completed all due Naviance assignments in order to perform.
  • Important: Students must have at least paid in full in order to attend the competition with the band.
Student Itinerary
8:15 Call time/attendance/uniforms
8:40 Load buses
9:30 Arrive at Hillsboro/breakfast
10:12 Uniforms on
10:52 Rehearsal
12:32 Line up and move to gate
12:52 Performance
1:07 Return to camp/debrief
1:15 Snack
2:45 Preliminary Awards
3:00 Lunch
4:06 Uniforms on, personal items on buses (line cases up under buses)
4:40 Begin camp tear down
4:46 Begin rehearsal
TBD Performance time
TBD Return to camp/debrief
7:45 Awards
8:25 Buses depart for SHS
9:05 Buses arrive, check in uniforms
9:30-10:05 Kids available for pickup