Please Sign up on OurFund

Parents and Students, Virtual Band Day has been up and running for 2 weeks.  We have earned over $4000 and still have 4 weeks left in the fundraiser!

The OurFund page has been updated with new video of the Danze Passione finals performance at McKenzie Classic!

How can you help us meet our $5000 goal?

Register on OurFund! 40% of Band and Colorguard students are not yet participating. It only takes a minute to sign up.  Share your page to facebook.

Re-Share on Facebook! Let people know there is new video to watch of the Sherwood Marching Band!

Add email addresses to your page We are asking that each student send out 5 emails to friends and family.

Still Need to register? 

1.     Go to

2.     Click on “Find your team or group” (upper right corner)

3.     Type in “Sherwood Band” and choose Sherwood Band Boosters 2015

4.     Click the Join Me button (top right of the fundraising letter)

5.     Follow the directions to register. Customize your page with photos if you’d like to.

6.     Enter email addresses of 5 potential donors.  10-20 potential donors would be optimal. Mobile numbers are not necessary.

7.    Share on facebook – click on Account button in upper right corner.

Questions? Contact Leslie Kolb, Co-Sponsorship, Sherwood Band Boosters, at