SMB: Friday

SMB Members – Make sure you get rest, hydrate, and eat good meals. Tomorrow is going to be busy!

Assembly: Wear Show Shirts to school. Band & Percussion Members need to leave 1st period class at 8:30am to setup for national anthem performance.

After School: We are rehearsing on the baseball field at 3:15pm. After rehearsal we will eat dinner(booster provided), put on uniforms, and then go setup in the stands.

Estimated Game End Time: This is like predicting NW weather. I think the game will be done by 9:30 and students will be ready to be picked up by 10pm. This is a guess and I’m sure I’m off by 20 minutes in one direction or the other.

Apparel Order: Marching Band Apparel 2015 order forms are due Friday, September 11th

Please make checks payable to Sherwood Band Boosters  

 Friday, September 11 (delivery by 1st competition Sept. 26)
Turn in order to band room
Due dates are FIRM to meet printing deadlines.
REMINDER WE HAVE A 10am – 4PM rehearsal on Saturday, September 12th.

If you have any questions ask Mr. Stai or your section leader!