TRL Festival Details

Happy Festival Day to Wind Ensemble Students & Parents! Here are some details:

  • Please come watch us perform at 5:30pm at Lakeridge High School. It will be a full house since we are the last band performing and there will be 7 other bands and audience members packed into the Lakeridge HS Auditorium.
  • Want to help feed the band? Contact Lennae Bishop! I overlooked the fact that we might need a snack before our performance. I was planning on running off of adrenaline & caffeine and completely forgot to plan for the kids.
  • Lakeridge HS will have a South Albany HS donation box in the lobby. Please donate if you can.


2:00 – Call Time in Band Room in Concert Attire
2:20 – Load Buses
2:40 – Depart from SHS TO Lakeridge HS
3:10 – Arrive
3:30 – Observe LOHS, Newberg, Tualatin
5:00 – Warmup
5:30 – Performance
6:00 – Sight Reading Room
6:30 – Possible Award Ceremony – Still trying to figure out TRL ceremonial procedure.
6:50 – Load Bus & Return
7:40 – Arrive at SHS