Pep Band – Championship Game – November 30th Details

Pep Band Members & Parents, This Saturday’s Championship game is to be held at Hillsboro Stadium at 5:30pm. Bring SHS Colors (this includes your warm hats), a sack dinner, water, and snacks. I am looking for a parent volunteer to drive 20 music stands & drums to the stadium. We will have two busses this Saturday but will have a bigger crew than last week and will be sharing with the dance team. Below is the itinerary for this Saturday:

November 30th Playoff Itinerary

Hillsboro Stadium

2:15pm – Call Time, Band Jackets Issued
2:45pm – Meet in Arcs in Bandroom
2:55pm – Load Bus
3:15pm – Bus Depart (Eat Sack Dinner en route to Hillsboro)
4:05pm – Arrive at Hillsboro, Setup in Stands
4:35pm – Warmup
5:00pm – Line up in tunnels.
5:25pm – Perform National Anthem
5:30pm – Game Starts
7:45-8:00-pm – Game Ends, Load Bus
8:45pm – Estimated Arrival at SHS

Bring –

  • ·         Warm Clothes, SHS Colors (we will be using the band parka coats)
  • ·         Sack Dinner
  • ·         Snacks

Thank you for your help & support. Go Bowmen!