Saturday, October 12th – Bands of America Northwest Competition

Student Itinerary

8:00 – Hair Call Time (only for students with long hair getting their hair done in bun).
8:20 – Call time for everyone else. 
10:00am – Buses arrive at Hillsboro Stadium & Band Warms up.
12:45 – Preliminary Performance
1:15pm – Lunch
3:45pm – Preliminary awards (Band attends in half uniform since we will most likely perform early in finals).

Performance Time for Finals TBA at Awards Ceremony. Our Warmup & dinner time will be contingent upon our performance.

9:15pm – Finals awards
9:45pm – Load Busses & Depart Hillsboro
10:30pm – Buses arrive SHS

Bands of America is an amazing event. It is nationally the most prestigious & we are fortunate that they will be hosting a Northwest Regional here in Portland. It is also highly competitive and a great opportunity to hear the best bands in Oregon & Washington.