It’s that time of year again! Our third annual Band Day fundraiser for the Sherwood Bowmen Band is Saturday September 18th.  Students (band members and colorguard) will team up in groups of four, and along with a parent driver will go door to door asking for donations while dressed in uniform.  There will be an announcement regarding the event the Friday night before at the football game, where the students will also be performing.  Last year we raised almost $5,000 for our band!


The kids and drivers will need to report to the band room at 9am. Please wear comfortable shoes!
Breakfast will be provided.
Students will then get into their uniforms.
Students and drivers will get into assigned groups and wait for instructions on what area of Sherwood they will be covering.
Scripts, rules and instructions will be provided.
Teams will go door to door from 10AM until 1PM.
Groups will return to the school to drop off funds and change their uniforms by 1:15.

Please see the sign up sheet in the band room.  ALL STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO PARTICIPATE! This is an easy way to add credit to your student account. Please let Mr. Petrik know if you are unable to attend this event.    If you don’t participate, you cannot earn credit. Please remember 50% of funds collected are split between the student accounts and the band general fund.  If you have any questions regarding student accounts, please contact Malia Jasmer (Treasurer) at


Under the student section, you will find the instructions and the audition materials for 2010 All State.  All State band is a high honor for Oregon music students. Each year, students audition to be a participant in 1 of two instrumental groups. For those chosen, it is an amazing opportunity to meet students from around the state and to work with internationally known Conductors.

This is also an All-Northwest year as well. All-Northwest is much like All-State, but expands its participant base to Washington, Oregon, Montana, and Idaho. The All-State materials can be used for All-Northwest, but your auditions need to be at the fastest specified tempo marking. I will be working with all of you to ensure you are prepared.


All Wind Ensemble members will audition and it is optional for Concert Band members.


WOW! What a way to end the week of band camp. I am so proud of our band students and am very thankful for our parents! Have a great weekend.

Crazy Train and Land of a 100o dances are now available.

Please wear bowmen gear, crimson, black or white. NO UNDER CONSTRUCTION OR UN JOUR SHIRTS!

See you all Monday morning at 8am for the Rally rehearsal.