WOW! What a way to end the week of band camp. I am so proud of our band students and am very thankful for our parents! Have a great weekend.

Crazy Train and Land of a 100o dances are now available.

Please wear bowmen gear, crimson, black or white. NO UNDER CONSTRUCTION OR UN JOUR SHIRTS!

See you all Monday morning at 8am for the Rally rehearsal.


Parents and Students,

To help our students meet the financial needs to participate in the extra-curricular band activities, the boosters have started a sponsorship program. Simply mail or e mail the sponsorship form to as many family, friends and community members as possible. Donations received will be applied directly to the students band booster account to help offset the individual costs for marching band and other extra-curricular student fees.

CLICK HERE Sponsorship Form


We have changed the show name to Thermopylae to make the connection to true historical value. If you have time, delve into the history about the battle.

Also, the drill sets 1-5 are posted. Print these and bring them to camp tomorrow. Have a great day and we will see you tomorrow!



The show music has been updated. There are some minor changes that have added to some movements and shortened others, but the main ideas are still the same. Pleas print out the new music and recycle you old music. Also posted, is the warm-ups you will need for music rehearsal. Please print these for your particular instrument.



The drumline, pit and leadership crew have been making great progress on the show and now it is your turn to join us! Tomorrow is the start of basics band camp. ALL MARCHING MEMBERS will meet tomorrow in the PAC at 8am. There, we will begin our journey for this season. If you are still unsure if you would like to participate, please come and see if you like it. We have a great staff, show and leaders that will make this year a fun and exciting one!  Please see the list of items you will want to bring in the previous post. See all of you tomorrow morning!