Music & The Brain

Double Reeds – Breaking Wind Bassoon Quartet – Disney Princess Party

Brass Links – Trumpet special effects with Charlie Porter. Flutter tonguing is 5:44 – 7:07 – Trumpet Flutter tonguing with Jon Harnum. – French Horn Flutter tonguing. Start at 1:36. – Tuba & Euphonium resources, recordings, and more. Created by Michael Grose, the Tuba professor at the University of Oregon.

Jazz Rhythm Section – Drums – A Little Minor – Mike Snyder – Drums – Swing Machine – Mike Snyder – Drums – I forgot about you – Mike Snyder

How to Practice

Practice Articles 2013

Fun Links – THE SEVEN PEOPLE YOU MEET AT MARCHING BAND CONTESTS – Best National Anthem Ever (if you ask a trumpet player). – This is for the trombone player in every one of us. – Evolution/Progression of Rock n Roll. This is an amazing link. Something like this could be created for so many different genres across many different eras.

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