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2018 Marching Band Forms For Students & Parents – Need to Be Returned to Mr. Stai by June 11th – There are 4 forms total to turn in. 


Before you begin the questionnaire you will need your student’s Sherwood School District ID number. This number is how we identify your student in the band program’s database.


All measurements should be taken by someone other than the student. It’s important that all students – even returning marching band students – provide their current measurements. You will need a fabric tape measure, current weight and current height before you begin.


The information you will need to complete this form includes: 1) Name of student’s health insurance company 2) Group number of student’s health insurance policy 3) Name of Student’s Physician 4) Phone number of Student’s Physician 5) Date of Student’s most recent tetanus shot 6) Any allergies or other health concerns 7) Any prescription medications that the student is currently taking


1) Locate the “PARENT/STUDENT/MEMBERS LOGIN” section on the top right corner. 2) Login to your student’s program account using school code: SherwoodBands. 3) The default password to login will be your student’s Sherwood School District ID. (it’s important to include this ID on the sign-in sheet at band night, otherwise we will not be able to set up your access) You will be prompted to change the password to one of your choosing. 4) Click on the “On-Line Store” icon. There are many items for sale beginning in July that your student will need for band camp. Select the items you wish to purchase. Click on “Check-Out” to complete your purchase using PayPal or a credit card.2018

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