Our Purpose

Purpose: The Sherwood Band exists to create as many musical performances and artistic moments as possible for our school, our community, and ourselves.

We are always striving to become great musicians and great people.

Great Musicians – A Sherwood Band Member:

  • Loves to play music.
  • Is devoted to practice (At least 5 times per week).
  • Continuously seeks ways to be more expressive and musical.
  • Takes the art of rehearsal seriously & actively participates.
  • Makes continuous improvement every rehearsal.
  • Treats fellow musicians, guests, and teachers with courtesy and respect.
  • Takes the art of performing seriously.

Great People – A Sherwood Band Member:

  • Gives his/her Best Effort
  • Is Honest
  • Is A Good Steward
  • Listens
  • Helps Others
  • Is Thankful
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