Updated Solo & Ensemble Times, Maps & Details

Here is the latest from the Solo & Ensemble Festival. Not much has changed but I delete the last S&E post so that schedules and details would not be confused.

Sherwood HS Band Member performance Schedule – Updated 3/5

West Linn HS Main Facility Map 

West Linn HS Performing Arts Map

  • Show up to West Linn HS about 45 minutes ahead of time  so that you can:
    • Figure out parking, which isn’t ideal out there.
    • Warm up in the Commons/Cafeteria Area
    • Find your room and be there 10 minutes before you perform.
    • There is NO REGISTRATION TABLE for this event. Follow the signs in the hallways.
    • Room Name defines where the kids are playing. Consult the maps for where rooms are located or follow signs when on site.
  • Make sure you bring an original copy of music (pencil mark free) for the adjudicator to read off of. (Do not bring a photocopy unless it’s an emergency).
  • Performance scores will be posted anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours after the performance.
  • Wear Attire that is Classy (Err on the side of formal).
  • Tune to the piano in the room.
  • Make the performing space (stands, chairs) comfortable for your needs.
  • Another Good Idea – Once you are done performing and are at peace with the world. Stay and listen to other musicians in your performing area, you can learn a lot and will be amazed by what other musicians are doing in our region.
  • ALSO – go listen to and support and clap for other Sherwood soloists and ensembles performing. Use the attached schedule to find them!

Winter Showcase Help Needed!

Happy March, Sherwood band, music, and guard families!

My name is Pat Allen, and I’m the volunteer coordinator for the 2015 Sherwood Winter Showcase. The showcase is an annual spectacle of winter guard and winter percussion talent, bringing competitive teams to Sherwood from all over the Northwest. It’s also one of our biggest fundraisers of the year. Proceeds go to help the Sherwood Band Boosters support band and guard programs at the high school and middle school levels throughout Sherwood.

This event is all day, March 21, including setup on Friday, March 20. It’s a huge undertaking, with a couple hundred volunteer shifts to cover to make it all work. This is our first call for volunteers. If you can cover one or more volunteer shifts, please go to Volunteerspot at http://vols.pt/YiYQYQ to sign up. If you have any questions, please email me at pmallen@yahoo.com.


Pat Allen
Volunteer Coordinator
Sherwood Winter Showcase

GFU Jazz Ensemble @ Jimmy Mak’s on March 9th

Dear Jazz Fans, Please come out and support the GFU Jazz Ensemble at Jimmy Mak’s on Monday, March 9th from 6:30-7:30pm as they perform an opening set at one of Portland’s most famous jazz venues. The ensemble has a great set of music prepared, and there is no cover charge.
Looking forward to seeing you there,

Nathanael Ankeny
Director, GFU Jazz Ensemble


Band Final Details

Details for the Trimester 2 Band Finals are as follows for Winds & Percussion:

Winds - 2 Major Scales will be selected at random. Bowmen & Concert Bands are at Quarter Note = 50, Wind Ensemble is at Quarter Note = 60. There will be a metronome playing during final. You get one restart total for the entire final. Points will be scored based on these four categories: 1)Pitch/Correct Notes, 2) Rhythm/Pulse, 3) Dynamic/Breath Support, 4) Articulation. Each scale will receive its own score with 16 points possible. Both scores will be added together to give the final a total score of 32 points possible.

Percussion - All 12 Major Scales, 2 Octaves. You will be graded on these two categories 1) Pitch/Correct Notes, 2) Rhythm/Pulse. There will be 24 points possible for correct notes (2 points per scale) and 8 points possible for steady rhythm/pulse for a total of 32 points.

Basketball Band & Drumline!!!

Band & Drumline – Available later today? Support your school and perform in Basketball Band or Basketball Drumline Tonight! We have a double header with Varsity Girls playing at 5pm and the Varsity Boys playing at 7pm. The Band will play for the girls game and the drumline will play for the boys game.

Basketball Band Timeline: 

  • 4:00pm – Rehearsal in Band Room
  • 5:00 – Game Starts
  • 7:00 – Play National Anthem for 2nd Game
  • 7:15 Go Home

Drumline Basketball Timeline:

  • 6:00pm – Rehearsal in Band Room
  • 7:00 – Game Starts
  • 9:00 – Go Home

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