SMB: Tree Lighting Parade – Saturday, Dec. 5th

Dear Marching Band Students & Parents, Thank you for the extra effort for all of the football playoff games. Your school & community appreciates it and supports you for it. It’s extra work, but you help make our school culture that much better. We are a part of and contribute to a pretty fantastic culture here in Sherwood. Thank you to all the parents who volunteer and go the extra mile for our students and program.

The Sherwood Tree Lighting Parade is this Saturday. We will be wearing full uniform for the parade. Please wear something warm underneath. Below is the itinerary for the afternoon. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Christmas Tree Lighting Parade – Saturday, December 5th   

1:45pm – Call Time/Put on Uniform
2:30pm – Load Buses & Depart from Sherwood
3:00 – Warmup
3:45 – Lineup
4:00 – Parade Begins
4:30 – Parade Over/Walk back to SHS
5:00 – Turn in Uniform/Cleanup
5:20 – Estimated Time Students will be excused

Rooney Tree Farm

christmas-tree-farmRooney Family Noble Firs is supporting Sherwood Bands again this year.  With the attached flier, they will donate 30% of purchases back to Sherwood Bands!  Just print the attached flier, and present it at the time of purchase.  If you forget the flier, they don’t mind!  Just mention Sherwood Bands…it’s so easy!!  Share it with your friends!  The Rooney family is band family alumni, and have amazing trees at their farm.  Happy Holidays!!!

Christmas Tree Band Fundraiser 2015

SMB: Playoff Game Saturday, November 28th

SMB – Playoff Game Saturday, November 28th 

Dear Parents & Students, We have a game this Saturday, Nov. 28th at Noon at Providence Park in downtown Portland. We will be riding two buses over with the cheer team. We will wear our big black jackets and it will be cold, so please bring several layers to wear underneath. Also, please bring a sack lunch to eat on the bus ride over to Providence Park.

I could use help. If one parent volunteer could transport drumline/sousaphone equipment in a truck that would be most excellent. I could also use one person in the stands with me. Itinerary is listed below. Please contact Mr. Stai with any questions.

9:25am – Call Time – We will be wearing our uniform black jackets. Please bring lots of layers to wear underneath. It’s going to be cold!

9:35 – Arcs in Band Room

9:45 – Load Bus

10:10 – Depart SHS

11:00 – Arrive at Providence Park. Warmup in Arcs.

11:40 – Setup in Stands

12:00 – Game Begins

2:30 – Approx. Game Ends. Load Bus. Depart.

4:00pm – Approx. Arrive back at SHS.

Friday, November 20th – Playoff Game Itinerary

SMB – Playoff Games Friday, November 20th – Sorry I forgot to post the official itinerary earlier. Only change this week is that we are wearing the heavy jackets instead of uniforms.  Bring warm layers to wear underneath.

5:30pm – Call Time – Uniforms (Jackets, Bibs, Dinkles only. Bring something warm to wear underneath uniform)

5:50 – Warmup in Arcs in Bandroom

6:25 – Line up & Go to Stands

6:30 – Drumline Leads Team – National Anthem – Fight Song

7:00 – Game Starts

9:30pm – Approx. Game End Time

Poinsettia Vouchers Available in Band Room

Poinsettia vouchers have been delivered to your student’s band room.  Please make sure to pick up order forms and vouchers before the end of the day Friday!  The redemption period for your customers beginstomorrow, and goes through December 7th.  When you are handing out your vouchers, please double check that you are giving a small or large voucher.  The vouchers are marked with 6.5” or 8.5 inch at the top, and are slightly different.
Thank you all for your participation in this fundraiser!

Jazz Band – TRL 2nd Place

Congrats to the Sherwood HS Jazz I Ensemble who placed second in the Three Rivers League Jazz Festival last night at West Linn HS. Students receiving Outstanding Soloist Certificates were Harrison Cole, Richard Schmidt, Joey Craighead, Grant Yu, and Ben Wiren.

If Anyone was there last night and took an ensemble picture, please send my way! 

Jazz II Reminder! Jazz II begins on Monday, November 30th at 7am in the PAC. I am excited to say that Nathanael Ankeny, a saxophone player and jazz professor at George Fox University, will be leading the Jazz II program again.

Jazz II will meet 3 times per week, Monday-Wednesday-Friday from 7:00-7:50am. We are not holding auditions for this ensemble. Jazz II is open for currently enrolled band students who are interested in learning or developing their skills on a jazz instrument. We are looking for students who have a good attitude, willing to practice, and show up on time three times a week.

 Jazz II will perform about 4 times during the school year in 2015. Our first performance will be at the West Salem Jazz Festival on Saturday, February 6th.

If you are interested, please sign up on the signup sheet located on the cabinet inside the band room. 

Looking forward to getting it going and having Nathanael Ankeny on board again. We’re lucky to have him! See you the morning of Monday, November 30th at 7am in the PAC!


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